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BlackJack Info Pages

Why Collect BlackJack's?





    Why is it a good idea to collect BlackJack's? A very good reason to collect these knives is because of the low production numbers of several of the models. The numbers in many cases are lower than so called limited production knives most of which fail to hold their value. There is also a wide variety of models and variations to choose from. In fact so many that I have chosen to focus solely on the period between the Japanese made knives and the Effingham made knives here on the collector site. So you ask how do I go about collecting these knives. Should I specialize on a certain model or handle material? This is actually a very good idea especially if ones funds are limited. You might also choose to simply focus on the early knives or the later knives. If you want to specialize on a certain type of knife but still would like some variety in your collection I would suggest focusing your collection on Subhilt's. There were at least three models that can be found with this feature that I am aware of. The Skinner, Model 5, and of course the one most collectors are aware of the 1-7 based version. Even in the standard 1-7 version with micarta handle according to Mike Stewart there was only 300 - 400 of these made. That my friends is awfully rare! This explains why these are so rarely seen. If you wanted to broaden your focus a bit more you could choose to focus on knives with say stag handles. Sambar Stag is no longer being brought in to the US thanks to a ban imposed by the government of India. This is the best type of stag being the least porous. This situation has strengthened the prices of any knife with this material. Making knives with it appealing to even the non BlackJack collector. At this time collecting the early Japanese is not a bad idea. The prices on these as a whole are much lower than the later US made knives. In my view the highest quality knives ever to carry the BlackJack name were the Mini Mamba customs and the Warner Loveless. These are both from the early era. There are also fewer variations in the earlier models making it a lot easier to collect all variations of a given model or even all the early models for that matter. Though there are a few key versions which are just about impossible to get. If you choose to attempt to collect all the variations of the later US produced knives the challenge is so great that a collector might not ever be able to complete their collection. This makes focusing on these knives very interesting and challenging to say the least. You could also identify what in your view are the key models and variations to have and focus on those. This is not a bad idea at all and certainly gives one a greater variety of knives to choose from. Of course you could just buy the ones that you like regardless of wither or not they fit in a certain category.