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Values and Original Prices




It has become clear to me that adding the original retail price and what I feel is the current value of each of the models would be very helpful to beginning as well as advanced BlackJack collectors. It seems that none of the current price guides on the market are covering our beloved knives. So I will be adding this information to the site. It will take time though in order to complete this task so please bear with me. I do want to say this though about the value of a given item. The value price is not the price an item will normally sell for.  It does give one an idea of what the selling or buying price should be depending on which side of the transaction your are on. At this point I will list just one value price. The price will be for items that are in new condition with perfect packaging.  I hope this does help those that are trying to put a value on their collection for insurance purposes etc.. and those who are trying to determine a fair price for  knives they are selling and or buying.  I do realize several people will disagree with the prices I set and of course things do change with time effecting values. I do want to point out this is a new effort being undertaken and will have it's flaws, so please keep that in mind.