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The Spector


Blade Length: 6"

Overall Length: 10.25"

Blade Steel: Aus 8A

Blade Thickness: .215" (7/32")

Guard: Stainless steel

Weight: 6.8 oz?

Rc: 57-59

Sheath: Leather


The Spector was a rather rare variation of the Archangel which was only made for a single year. Factory literature states that the blade shape was ground like a knife not a dagger to maintain superior cutting ability but also giving the knife dagger type penetration due to it's dagger like blade shape. According to information I have in a letter forwarded to me from a fellow collector from Mike Stewart there was a batch of Archangels made with a 5.5" Spear point blade which turned out to be an Al mar design and was used on a knife it called The Phantom. This the reason the Spector's which were very similar to the Archangel were made in such low numbers. According to former BlackJack CEO Mike Stewart a sample of the blade was sent to him by the folks in Japan that were making the early knives. The maker stated that knives could be ordered immediately utilizing these blades. An order for 300 was placed. Apparently a few days before the SHOT show Mr. Stewart received a cease and desist letter from the folks at Al mar. Mike of course told the Japanese rep. to fix the problem. Mike states this was the beginning of the end with their Japanese supplier. It appears that while some of these knives were marked as Archangels that most were marked as Spector's. I do not know how many were marked as Archangels but it would have to be the numbers would have to but quite small. I have added pictures of an example of one of these knives below. These were sold by Catoctin Cutlery. I do not know at this time how many of these there were made or why this was done.  If anyone knows of any factory options on these please contact me at blackjack@mchsi.com .


Below is an example of the BlackJack Spector. The logo and model name are on the opposite side.


This view shows the company logo and model name on the blade.


Below are two views of the Al mar knife that utilizes the same blade as the Spector, the Al mar Phantom.





Here is an example of a Archangel marked Spector the knife is shown with it's box and sheath.


Here is another view of the knife with out the box. This side shows the Archangel etch but it is very hard to see it.