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The Skinner's


Blade Length: 5.5" Weight: 8 oz.

Blade Thickness: .215" (7/32") Sheath: Leather

Overall Length: 10" Blade Steel: 0170-6, 1095, 52-100

Rc: 57-59

The Standard handle materials were:

Classic (Leather), Dymar, Chestnut, Sambar Stag, and Micarta (though it was not listed in the 1995 catalog)




   As you can see in the specs listed above there are three different types of steels listed. That is because over the years the steel type that was used did change. Though factory literature always stated that the steel type was 0170-6 this was not always true. Sometime around 1993 the company was forced to switch to 1095 since 0170-6 (which really is just a modified version of 1095) was no longer available. This is due to the fact that Sharon Steel which was the company that made 0170-6 ceased operations sometime in 1992.  In the final few years once again the steel type switched to 52-100. According to Mike Stewart this final change started in about 1994. By the time the company ceased operations 52-100 was used in all of the classic models with the exception of the TrailGuide and Chukker.


This is one I used to own. It features my favorite handle material for a BlackJack, Silverwood. Sadly the scan is not that good and it really takes away from the true beauty of the knife. Silverwood was not a standard catalog offering. It is not as rare though as some of the other knives. I do feel that value wise Silverwood handled BlackJack's should be worth as much as stag handle pieces. Of course since stag is drying up that may change.

MSRP: ? Current Value: $200.00



Speaking of stag here is an example of a Skinner in that. Stag really looks good on a BlackJack.

MSRP: $134.95 Current Value: $200.00



The "Big Dave Special".   The story behind this knife was supplied to me by Drew Gleason some time ago and goes like this. The two men behind it are Dave Nelson and Brent
Robinson (note. Anthony Lombardo tells me he was also involved with this project when he was with BlackJack. PVKaT was one of his accounts when he was a sale's rep for the company.) back when Dave worked for Pioneer Valley Knife and Tool. They looked
at the 1-7 subhilt and decided that it didn't need to be so big, and it
also could benefit from losing the double guard, allowing you to put your
thumb along the blade spine in a Filipino grip style. Arrangements were
made, and a small number of the knives were produced for sale through
PVKaT. There were 6 Silverwoods, 12 Rosewoods, and roughly three dozen
Micarta-handled versions.  Here is what I know.  BlackJack as was common practice made a few more.  The reason I know this is because I was able to buy two in Silverwood and two in Micarta from a young dealer in southern IL that got them direct from BlackJack.  This was not the only so called "exclusive I was able to buy or had seen for sale through the BlackJack outlet or from other dealers in IL.  This is why I feel that finding accurate production figures on BlackJack's especially rare ones is not possible. I do feel that at most maybe twice as much as was ordered were made.  There is always the chance not all the knives were delivered to the customer.  Though in this case I know that they were all delivered.

MSRP: ? Current Value: $450.00



The Skinner really does look good with the Chestnut handle such as this example below. Prior to 1994 the butt caps did not have thong holes. The blades also sported a higher polish. The knife below is one of the later knives.

MSRP: $119.95 Current Value: $150.00