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The Rogue

Specs: (Rogue I)

Blade Length: 7 1/4" Weight:  10.3 oz.(14.3 oz. For Sheep horn due to a fully exposed false brass tang)

Blade Thickness: .215" Sheath: Leather (weight approx. 3 oz.)

Overall Length: 12.250" Blade Steel: A2

Rc: 59-60


    The Rogue is a traditionally styled bowie and has proven to be very popular. There is a wide range of handle materials that one can choose from. So many in fact that I personally find it imposable to pick a favorite. One could choose to collect an example of each of the available handle materials and have a collection to be proud of. The fine folks at Bark River Knife & Tool are big fans of classic cutlery designs as can be seen in many of its' offerings. The Rogue is defiantly a prime example.

    The Sketch below is from Mike Stewart is shows both the Rogue I and Rogue II. Both models are of the Natchez style and are based on a knife which appears in "The Antique Bowie Knife Book" (This book is a cult classic in the modern cutlery community. Written by Bill Adams it was printed in limited numbers in 1990) The Rogue I was the first version produced.


    Below is the Rogue test fit sample (Featuring genuine 2x4 Pine for the handle.), pictured with the Natchez style Bowie knife in the "The Antique Bowie Knife Book" which it was based on. This knife was sent to the sheath maker Tom Gordon to use for the creation of the leather sheaths.



Below is a table showing the handle variations, and Quantity which were scheduled for production on the first run of the Rogue I.

QTY. MSRP $ Handle Material
24 169.95 Black Canvas Micarta
24 179.95 Black Paper Micarta (Faux Buff horn)
24 179.95 Green Canvas Micarta
20 179.95 Vintage 1960's Natural Canvas Micarta
24 189.95 Black and Green Linen Micarta
48 189.95 Antique Linear Micarta (Faux aged Ivory)
12 189.95 African Black Ebony
18 189.95 Darkened Curly Maple
6 189.95 Lignum Vitae
6 189.95 Osage Orange
12 199.95 Smooth Bone
48 199.95 Antique Stag Bone
24 219.95 Big Horn Sheep
24 199.95 Maple Burl
24 199.95 Buckeye Burl
24 199.95 Brown Elder Burl
24 199.95 Black Ash Burl
22 199.95 Black Maple Burl
24 199.95 Madrone Burl
24 199.95 Brown & Black  Elder Burl
12 219.95 Afzelia
12 ? Sent for the Outback Treatment
24 199.95  Natural Elder Burl


Here is an example of an Antique Bone Stag handled Rogue.


Here we have an example handled in the black and green Micarta material.


This photo shows the difference in appearance between the black paper (on the left), and black canvas (on the right),  Micarta material.


    Below are two views of a Rogue handled in Curly Maple. Custom knifemaker Rene Roy provided input into the method of finish which was employed on the Maple handled examples. Curly Maple can be found throughout the U.S. and Canada.


This example features a green canvas Micarta handle.


Now this is an attractive version of Micarta you just don't find in this day and age. It's actually the original 1960's era Micarta which was made by Westinghouse.

photo courtesy of Jerry Hagman at blacksquirrelonline.com .



Now here is a handle material that has proven to be quite popular among Bark River Knife and Tool fans. The material I am referring to is Sheep horn.


Next is this rather attractive example featuring a smooth bone handle.


    Antique Ivory Micarta pictured with a chunk of the real thing for comparison. It sure does look convincing and without all the problems associated with the real thing.


Here is a view of the brown/black Elder Burl. Elder burls are found in a variety of Temperate & sub tropical, areas throughout the world.

photo courtesy of  BRK&T/Mike Stewart.


Next up is Black Maple burl. Black Maple is found throughout the U.S. and as far north as Montreal Canada.

photo courtesy of  BRK&T/Mike Stewart.


    A variety of burls were chosen for this model. Here is an example sporting Buckeye Burl. Buckeye can be found in the U.S. (Ohio and  as many people know California.), as well as Europe, and Japan.

photo courtesy of  BRK&T/Mike Stewart.


    Here is one I am really partial to. This one is handled in brown Elder Burl. Gorgeous! Elder Burls are found in a variety of Temperate & sub tropical, areas throughout the world.

photo courtesy of  BRK&T/Mike Stewart.


    Here is another gorgeous piece. This one features a Black Ash Burl handle. Black Ash is native to the following regions, N. America, Europe, Japan, China, Mexico, Central America


photo courtesy of  BRK&T/Mike Stewart.


    Another interesting option. At least in my view. Here we have natural Elder Burl. Elder burls are found in a variety of Temperate & sub tropical, areas throughout the world.

photo courtesy of  BRK&T/Mike Stewart.


    Below is an example featuring the very durable Osage Orange. This wood is generally found in Mexico, Argentina, Central America, Venezuela, U.S., S. extreme of Ontario

photo courtesy of  BRK&T/Mike Stewart.


    You can't go wrong with African Ebony which is a traditional choice for a Bowie Knife. Ebony is denser, and heavier than pretty much any other hardwood.

photo courtesy of  BRK&T/Mike Stewart.


    If it was put to a vote this beauty might come out on top. This beautiful hardwood is Madrone Burl from Montana. Madrone can be found in a variety of places throughout the world.

photo courtesy of  BRK&T/Mike Stewart.



Just when you thought they good get any better! This knockout drop dead gorgeous example is done in a hardwood by the name of Afzelia (There are several variations in the spelling). Afzelia is native to Central Africa.

photo courtesy of  BRK&T/Mike Stewart.