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BlackJack Info Pages The Panga


Blade Length: 14 7/8"" Weight: ? oz.

Blade Thickness: ? Sheath: Leather

Overall Length: 20 1/2"" Blade Steel: 420HC

Rc: 56-57



I have little information concerning these knives. They were introduced in 1991 with production ending in 1992 according to my sources, though these were shown in the 1993 factory brochure. There were only about 1200 in all.  Previously I have stated that the blades were of 440a it appears that they were actually done in 420HC. The first test piece was produced in 1990, and used stainless steel screws, to attach the scales to the tang of the knife. The final production examples used plastic screws.


Below is the original test sample of the Panga made in 1990. The knife was finished by former BlackJack owner Mike Stewart. The knife was tested thoroughly by both Mike and former BlackJack foreman Mark Hustad. This is the very knife that Mike is shown using in factory literature cutting a 1" manila hemp rope in mid air.


photos courtesy of  Tom Carey




 Below is the page for the last brochure that had these in them and what it has to say about the knives. If anyone knows of any other variations or has other information about these knives please email  me with any details or pictures of these that you may have.

photo courtesy of  Tom Carey


Below is an example of the standard production Panga. This is the only variation that I know of. It looks like this model will be returning to production in the near future. There will be some changes. I have been told that the blade will be shorter and thicker. I do not if any other changes will be made. On the coming attractions page, ( http://www.blackjackknives.com/comat.html),  of Ken Warner's www.blackjackknives.com web site, there is information regarding the reintroduction of this model.


photo courtesy of  Tom Carey



photo courtesy of  Tom Carey



photo courtesy of  Tom Carey