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The Longbeard Page



Blade Length: ?

Overall Length: ?

Blade Steel: 52-100

Blade Thickness: ?

Weight: ?

Rc: 57-59

Sheath: Leather

The Standard handle materials were: Chestnut




    The Longbeard was a commemorative model, made for the National Wild Turkey Federation. Apparently these were only available to N.W.T.F. sponsor members. According to former BlackJack CEO Mike Stewart there were about 12,000 of these made.  Production of these started in 1997. Production was completed after the BlackJack company ceased operations by the Marble knife company in 1998.   This resulted in at least one variation. The first 6,000 knives were completed in Effingham by BlackJack. The remaining knives were completed at Marbles.  This led to a change in the shape of the guard. The first 6,000 knives had the typical BlackJack shaped  3/16 inch guard. The remaining Marbles made knives had a flat 1/8 inch Marbles style guard. All of the knives had a N.W.T.F. medallion inlay on the butt of the handle, and a specialty marked blade. The only handle variation I have seen thus far has been Chestnut. All the knives were marked with the usual BlackJack markings.


    The example shown below is from the Marbles portion of the run.  We know this based on the style of guard that was used on this particular specimen.