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The Literature Page







The purpose of this page is to show various pieces of factory literature. I hope that my fellow collectors will find this page to be quite useful. If you have a piece of literature that you do not see listed, I would be very interested in obtaining high quality scans of said literature to add to this page.


I am starting out this page with the last full size brochure the company put out, which dates back to 1995. By clicking on each picture you can view a larger version of each of the pictures.


http://blackjack.0catch.com/index/littmb/bro5small.jpg                http://blackjack.0catch.com/index/littmb/bro19sm.jpg           http://blackjack.0catch.com/index/littmb/bro4sm.jpg  



 http://blackjack.0catch.com/index/littmb/bro14sm.jpg                http://blackjack.0catch.com/index/littmb/bro17sm.jpg           http://blackjack.0catch.com/index/littmb/bro1sm.jpg



http://blackjack.0catch.com/index/littmb/bro3sm.jpg                http://blackjack.0catch.com/index/littmb/bro11sm.jpg            http://blackjack.0catch.com/index/littmb/bro12sm.jpg                     



















Below is one of the last dealer price lists. It shows retail, dealer, and volume dealer prices. Also you will see on the first page what the company was planning to do with the Ek line.