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BlackJack Info Pages H.A.L.O.'s

High Altitude Low Opening


Blade Length: 6"

Overall Length: 12"

Blade Steel: 0170-6

Blade Thickness: .1875" (3/16")

Weight: 8 oz.

Sheath: Lined Cordura

The Standard handle material was: Micarta


    There were a few variations for this model.  There was a variation with different finger grooves on the handle.  Also there was a variation that had a handle which was offset from the blade I don't have a picture of one of those at present.  The offset is quite noticeable. Once again I screwed up and did not buy one of these when I spotted one in  the BlackJack Outlet store when the company was still in business.  What was I thinking! The first 100 H.A.L.O.'s were marked H.A.L.O., and not H.A.L.O. I. This is because the company had not yet obtained the H.A.L.O. I. stencil. So a temporary stencil was used. This is according to information from Mike Stewart.




 There were only about 1000 of the standard H.A.L.O. I's made. Below is an example of one of these knives.





    Pictured below is one of the first 100 knives which had the H.A.L.O. etch and also features the single finger groove aka  Border Patrol handle. This style of handle was an exclusive for the Cutlery Shoppe, and only about 250 of these were made.




    This picture was provided by fellow collector Warren McQuiggan. You can more clearly see the blade markings on this H.A.L.O. marked Border Patrol handled example. Thank you for the picture Warren.




    Here is another variation of the Border Patrol handled H.A.L.O.  This type has a half lug  guard.  Another interesting feature is this knifes sheath. The sheath has a pouch for a multi tool, and was made by Eagle. Note that the knife has the H.A.L.O. etch which seems to make it one of the first 100 knives. I  know that this particular knife was a sample that was sent to a large distributor. My guess is that the half guard version never made it into full production and is limited to a few samples and prototypes.


These two pictures show both sides of the knife along with it's sheath. You can see the pouch for the multi tool as well.




Finally this last photo shows the end of the box with the company name, model name, and model number.



    Below is an interesting example of the H.A.L.O. I.  According to Mike Stewart former BlackJack CEO  there was a special run of knives done for a few people that wanted both a longer blade and no top lug on the guard.  Thus the example shown below was made from a 1-7 blade. Mike tells me there were probably less than 50 of these that were made.








    I believe that this recent addition to my collection may have been an early prototype of sorts for the half guard Border Patrol variant described above. I purchased this from a former BlackJack employee. The knife does not have any markings or logo's and came with a leather sheath which is the standard model 5 type. If anyone can shed any light on this piece please email me.




    Here the ones that you will not see on a daily basis. It seems things were really hopping at BlackJack in 1994, especially in March of that year. Below is in unmarked H.A.L.O. I with Silverwood handle dating back to the above mentioned time. This was a prototype. I don't know if just how many were made like this. If you have one like this please contact me. Thanks once again to Bill for sharing this interesting example from his collection.

MSRP: N/A  Current Value: $375.00



    This prototype also dates from March of 1994, and is the most interesting, and in my view, the most valuable variation I have encountered to date. It is marked with the H.A.L.O. logo as well as the usual Effingham markings. The handle is of rag Micarta. It is my understanding that there was only one batch, that was ever made of rag Micarta. In 1994 it was starting to dry up. I had a custom knife with this material that was made at that time. Thank you very much Bill for sharing this with us.


MSRP: N/A Current Value: $450.00


    Of course they just had to try the matte finish treatment on one with the rag Micarta handle material. This prototype also dates from March of 1994, and is marked. This material was also used on some Ek prototypes. Thanks yet again to Bill for sending us the pictures of these very interesting knives.

MSRP: N/A Current Value: $450.00