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The Chukker's




Blade Length: 3.5"

Overall Length: 7.5"

Blade Steel: 1095

Blade Thickness: .160"

Weight: 4.7oz.

Rc: 57-59

Sheath: Leather

The Standard handle materials were: Classic (Leather), Chestnut, Sambar Stag, and Micarta

These were one of the new models that came out near the time of BlackJack's demise. Because of this there are not a whole lot of them out there. Especially when you start breaking it down by the handle variations and such. 


Here we have a Micarta example to leads things off.


Next we have a Classic (leather) handled example.



This is the always attractive Sambar Stag version.




    This is a gorgous example of a red stag handled chukker.  Red stag handled BlackJack's are quite rare. I believe there was than 100 Chukkers made in this material.

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photo courtesy of Steven Jones



    Here's one I purchased for my father when the company was still in business. This came out of their outlet store. I am not sure who did the scrim on it. I think it was Craig Sanders.