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The Axe Page



 Viking Raider



Blade Length: 7" Weight: 8 oz.

Blade Thickness: ?"    Sheath: Leather

Overall Length: 15" Blade Steel: Aus8

Rc: 57-59


    The Viking Raider was designed by both Ken Warner and Mike Stewart. The handle is the same as that of the Marauder. Of course it was used on several of the other models as well. In my view this is a very comfortable handle and surely it made sense to utilize these on several models from a cost stand point. According to Mike Stewart these were quite popular. There were about 1500 - 2000 of these produced.


Here is the portion of the page of the 1993 brochure concerning both the Viking Raider and Valkerye Axe's.


The Viking Raiders first hit the scene in 1989. Below is an example of one of these. MSRP: $139.95  Current Value: $240.00



Valkerye Axe


Specs: unknown at this time

Blade Length: " Weight:  oz.

Blade Thickness: "    Sheath: Leather

Overall Length: " Blade Steel:



    These hit the market in 1993 or so. Production was brief.  It is my belief that only one run of these was completed. The finish of this example seems to differ from that of the example shown in the factory brochure.  Thus there may actually be  two or more variations of this model. 

photo courtesy of  O. J. Faust


photo courtesy of  O. J. Faust