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The Assaults




Blade Length: 7"(Assault II), 51/2"(Assault I) Weight: ?

Blade Thickness: .215" (7/32") Sheath: Leather, Nylon, or Kydex

Overall Length: 12"(Assault II), 10"  Blade Steel: 1095

Rc: 57-59

Handle material: G10 Spauldite

These knives  were designed by Company CEO Mike Stewart.  These were  done to try and tap into some of the SEAL knife Market which was very hot at the time. The knives are based on the Model 5,  and the 1-7. The two models were the Assault I, and  the Assault II. The Assault I was based on the Model 5, and the Assault  II was based on the 1-7.  You will note that I show that the blade steel is 1095. At some point the company quite using 0170-6 and replaced it with the much cheaper 1095 though they still claimed they were using 0170-6.

 According to writer and former BlackJack employee Anthony Lombardo "There are a few Teflon coated (blade)  ones in existence that I sent to Rocky Mountain Arms for their process and sent back to Effingham for evaluation."  There were two sheaths offered one was black leather which was of a poor quality and the other was a Kydex sheath. The Kydex sheaths were made by Edgeworks and had the BlackJack logo heat marked on the back.

I asked Jason Stewart what he could tell me about the Assaults and here is his reply. "Some of these were basically a hodge-podge of parts. Most, however, had G-10 guards, that were 3 pieces; 2 G-10 slabs that "sandwiched" a thin piece of aluminum. The handle was also G-10, grooved for finger placement. The butt was either a semi-square shaped pommel or no pommel at all. If it had a pommel, it was secured with a 10/32 nut, just as all Blackjack Classic Blades were/are. The blade was generally bead blasted, as well."

I have not seen any of these without a pommel. If anyone has a picture of one I would love to add it to this page.


Here is an example of the Assault I. The knife shown has a Nylon sheath. I am not sure if some of the knives actually did come with these sheaths. According to the information I have they did not. If anyone has one that did please email me.



Next is this example of The Assault I. Note the leather sheath. I suspect that there were very few that went out with this sheath.



Below is an example of the third type of sheath that these could be had in. The construction is of Kydex and Nylon. The picture below shows the back of the sheath which had the company logo embossed into it.

photo courtesy of  Tom Carey



Here are two views of the knife that goes with the above sheath. The markings on this are faint since someone seems to have used a polishing compound, most likely Metal Glo. That particular polish contains an abrasive material which will remove the markings on most BlackJack knives with little effort. It appears that this knife was improperly stored and  staining occurred.  I am sure that is why an aggressive metal polishing compound was used.

photo courtesy of  Tom Carey




photo courtesy of  Tom Carey